About Us

We are the leading suppliers of beauty tools and cosmetics. We have a very large collection of various tools at different prices. Our mission is to provide you with all the tools required to own a barber shop and when you need it. We stock all varieties and of different price ranges of all the tools.

We are dedicated to the barber industry. We started with a door to door supply of the most important tools like the straight blade razor, scissors, and clips. Now we have grown to a full pledged shop dealing with different types of tools. We strive to provide quality and not just quantity for the price you offer. 

Our products are offered and available in our online store. We take orders online and provide delivery of the same at your door step without any extra handling charges. We accept card payment too. Online store has much more discounts as compared to the store.

We are dedicated to provide all our prices with competitive prices. Not only that, we offer fast shipping options too. We are equipped to help you in expanding your business as well in your new ventures. All our products are in stock and ready to fill up your retail place. 

We have a very good support team who are willing to share their expertise in this field. They are ready to assist you in procuring the best for your business. Our company has its branches all over the USA and Canada. Just walk in to our store and get the best for you to have a bright future in this industry.

Walk in and feel the richness of our store and adorn your new business with our products that are picked for you with a touch of professionalism.