Hair cutting is not a job. It's a craft.

Have you ever wondered what tools the barbers use other than those clips and the scissors??? Some men do not like to visit a barber shop for hair cut. They just trim their hair at home so that they can maintain it easily. While there are the others who visit the barber shop to get a different look with funky hair styles and also to pamper their hair, skin and feet with a good massage. 

A barber's job which is as good as a craft requires skill and tools. It is an art with the hair irrespective of the length of the hair. There are some professional barber supplies in the USA and Canada that supply all tools other than the clips and scissors that a barber should possess to do a perfect, mind boggling job. There is a lot more for the barber to possess other than those hair cutting instruments.

Barber scissors: The most important tool that a barber requires is scissors. This is the tool used commonly by most of the old styled barbers and even now in some poor countries scissors are the only tools used for hair cut. Most of the barbers have two types of scissors. One has a pair of very sharp shears that is used commonly to ct the length of hair with either a comb or the length chosen by the barber with his fingers. The other is a pair of thin shears that is used to cut the hair to reduce the volume and make hair appear thinner.

Electric clipper: This is one of the tools that draw attention of anyone entering a barber’s shop. The clipper at home can be blunt, but in the shop it should be the best one as it helps the barber in making a living. It is advised to have a clipper with very good power and excellent quality. The professional clipper has blades of different sizes that let the barber to cut hair in different lengths. The one that is used at home has guards for protection. Some clippers have vacuum attached to it which pulls the cut hair and collects it in a different place. Clippers are very safe to the skin but are very handy and effective at cutting hair.

Straight razor: This legendary straight razor gives all the bad boys a clean shave. It is really a good tool with best benefit but demands skill and only experienced high end barber can sue it with confidence. This is used to clean the back of the neck as in most cases. The straight razor also is used to cut the hair so that it adds some texture to the hair. By using straight razor it adds volume to the hair. The non plastic handle provides excellent grip and has very good blades. Though little pricy it is worth to buy a non plastic handle razor.

Chair: The most comfortable chair is found in the barber’s shop. It can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a barber as they work on their clients. It can swivel to so that the client can face the mirror, can be reclined to get a clean shave. This chair provides the customer maximum support and safety along with a near clean shave. It provides the barber the right access to work on the client. A barber’s chair makes the barber’s job very easy.

Hair comb: The barber’s hair comb differs from the one that we use regularly at home. The typical barber’s come is about 12 inches long. The one end has long and coarse teeth while the other end has short and fine teeth. A barber uses this comb to gauge the length of hair he needs to cut. For this he simply pulls up the hair from the scalp with this comb and cuts it. A wide range of combs are available and all come very handy in cutting hair.

Mirror: Clients need to see them self after the service offered by the barber. A mirror is a must for clients to look from various angles. A hand mirror too is very useful.